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G. Gantner, A. Haberl, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko:
"Rate optimality of adaptive finite element methods with respect to the overall computational costs";
Mathematics of Computation, 90 (2021), 2011 - 2040.

English abstract:
We consider adaptive finite element methods for second-order elliptic PDEs,where the arising discrete systems are not solved exactly. For contractive iterative solvers, we formulate an adaptive algorithm which monitors and steers the adaptive mesh-refinement as well as the inexact solution of the arising discrete systems. We prove that the proposed strategy leads to linear convergence with optimal algebraic rates. Unlike prior works, however, we focus on convergence rates with respect to the overall computational costs. In explicit terms, the proposed adaptive strategy thus guarantees quasi-optimal
computational time. In particular, our analysis covers linear problems, where the linear systems are solved by an optimally preconditioned CG method as well as nonlinear problems with strongly monotone nonlinearity which are linearized by the so-called Zarantonello iteration.

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