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F. Michahelles, N. Peek, S. Mayer:
"Pervasive Fabrication: Making Anything, Anywhere";
IEEE Pervasive Computing, 20 (2021), 1; 7 - 8.

English abstract:
Pervasive fabrication technologies-including
3D printing, computer-controlled milling, and
robotic assembly-are increasingly accessible
and broadly applied. The precision of computer control makes high upfront investments in tooling unnecessary. Human ingenuity harnessing pervasive
fabrication technologies provides flexibility and enables shorter cycles of production runs. Accelerating
advancements in digital fabrication are driving industry initiatives ranging from mass-customization to factory 4.0. Many open research questions remain in
industrial manufacturing, including how computation
contributes to artifact design and simulation of characteristics of the material, manufactur

pervasive, fabrication, manufacturing

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