S. Deng, Z. Xiang, J. Taheri, M. Khoshkholghi, J. Yin, A. Zomaya, S. Dustdar:
"Optimal Application Deployment in Resource Constrained Distributed Edges";
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Volume 20 (2021), Issue 5; S. 1907 - 1923.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The dramatically increasing of mobile applications make it convenient for users to complete complex tasks on their mobile devices. However, the latency brought by unstable wireless networks and the computation failures caused by constrained resources limit the development of mobile computing. A popular approach to solve this problem is to establish a mobile service provisioning system based on a mobile edge computing (MEC) paradigm. In the MEC paradigm, plenty of machines are placed at the edge of the network so that the performance of applications can be optimized by using the involved microservice instances deployed on them. In this paper, we explore the deployment problem of microserivce-based applications in the MEC environment and propose an approach to help to optimize the cost of application deployment with the constraints of resources and the requirement of performance. We conduct a series of experiments to evaluate the performance of our approach. The result shows that our approach can improve the average response time of mobile services.

Mobile service, distributed system, mobile edge computing, service deployment

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