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M. Khobreh, F. Ansari, U. Seidenberg:
"A Knowledge-Based Approach for Linking Workforce Experience and Labor Productivity in Smart Factory Industry 4.0, Building Future Competences - Challenges and Opportunities for Skilled Crafts and Trades in the Knowledge Economy";
in: "BUILDING FUTURE COMPETENCES - Challenges and Opportunities for Skilled Crafts and Trades in the Knowledge Economy", Vol. 2; issued by: IAGF - Institute for Applied Research on Skilled Crafts and Trades, Vienna, Austria (Paulus Stuller & Reinhard Kainz); IAGF, Wien, 2020, ISBN: 978-3-7089-2014-6, 20 pages.

English abstract:
Industrialization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) raises
several questions, inter alia, whether machines can
gain work experience alike human workforce, whether
the on-the-job obtained experiences may enrich
existing knowledge, skills and abilities (KSCs) and
untimely lead to improve its productivity. If so, human-
and machine workforce initiate a new competition in
the era of intelligentization where not only AI-enhan-
ced and smart machines reproduce human cognitive
and physical capabilities, but also they may challenge
the unique role of human as a learner. Despite
economic, ethical and societal challenges, intelligenti-
zation undergoes rapid changes in the manufacturing
enterprises. This paper explores the linkage between
gaining workforce experience and labor productivity
in hybrid man-machine settings. The ultimate goal,
partially addressed in this paper, is to anticipate the
learning trajectory of human and machine workfor-
ce and thus recommend the new division of labors
and innovate new processes and products in smart

Ontology, Task, Learning, Labor Productivity, Division of labor, Smart Factory

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