M. Vrlic, D. Ritzberger, S. Jakubek:
"Model-Predictive-Control-Based Reference Governor for Fuel Cells in Automotive Application Compared with Performance from a Real Vehicle";
ENERGIES, 14(8) (2021), 2206; S. ##.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this paper, a real-time capable reference governor superordinate model predictive controller (RG-MPC) is developed for fuel cell (FC) control suitable for automotive application. The RG-MPC provides reference trajectories for the subordinate proportional-integral (PI) controllers, which act directly on the FC system. Antiwindup and decoupling schemes, which are common problems in multivariable PI control, are unnecessary, given that the RG-MPC can inherently consider constraints and multivariable systems. The PI dynamics are incorporated into the prediction model used for control, ensuring the feasibility of the provided references for the PI controllers. The successive linearization technique is used in the RG-MPC to cope with the model´s nonlinear nature in real-time. The concept has been illustrated in a simulation scenario featuring efficient and safe power control of an FC stack in automotive application using real driving data obtained from an in-house-built FC vehicle. This work is the first step towards upgrading an existing, PI-based control scheme without the necessity of completely rebuilding the interface.

reference governor; fuel cell; automotive; model predictive control; successive linearization; safe operation; efficient operation

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