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R. Thabet, D. Bork, A. Boufaied, E. Lamine, O. Korbaa, H. Pingaud:
"Risk-aware business process management using multi-view modeling: method and tool";
Requirements Engineering, Requirements Eng (2021), 3; 27 pages.

English abstract:
Risk-aware Business Process Management (R-BPM) has been addressed in research since more than a decade. However, the integration of the two independent research streams is still ongoing with a lack of research focusing on the conceptual modeling perspective. Such an integration results in an increased meta-model complexity and a higher entry barrier for modelers in creating conceptual models and for addressees of the models in comprehending them. Multi-view modeling can reduce this complexity by providing multiple interdependent viewpoints that, all together, represent a complex system. Each viewpoint only covers those concepts that are necessary to separate the different concerns of stakeholders. However, adopt- ing multi-view modeling discloses a number of challenges particularly related to managing consistency which is threatened by semantic and syntactic overlaps between the viewpoints. Moreover, usability and efficiency of multi-view modeling have never been systematically evaluated. This paper reports on the conceptualization, implementation, and empirical evaluation of e-BPRIM, a multi-view modeling extension of the Business Process-Risk Management-Integrated Method (BPRIM). The findings of our research contribute to theory by showing, that multi-view modeling outperforms diagram-oriented modeling by means of usability and efficiency of modeling, and quality of models. Moreover, the developed modeling tool is openly available, allowing its adoption and use in R-BPM practice. Eventually, the detailed presentation of the conceptualization serves as a blueprint for other researchers aiming to harness multi-view modeling.

Risk-aware business process management, Meta-modeling, Multi-view modeling, Consistency

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