N. Dao, Q. Pham, D. Do, S. Dustdar:
"The Sky is the Edge - Toward Mobile Coverage From the Sky";
IEEE Internet Computing, Volume 25 (2021), Issue 2; S. 93 - 100.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Witnessing the recent rapid 5G commercialization with multiple advantages in terms of high throughput, low latency, great serviceability, and extreme density, people look forward to seeing a new innovation in the next-generation mobile networks-6G. As a demand response, 6G additionally integrates artificial intelligence into all operational perspectives of the network while incorporating new infrastructure to support service coverability to yet underserved areas. Since the artificial intelligence in 6G has been discussed significantly in the literature, this article, on the other hand, provides major insights of the 6G aerial radio access network (ARAN) as an expansion of mobile coverage from the sky. First, we highlight the distinct attributes of ARAN by constructing a comparative taxonomy among mobile access infrastructures. Consequently, comprehensive ARAN architecture, reference model, and potential technologies are analyzed. Next, current research trends are investigated followed by future challenge discussions.

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