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K. Kirev, S. Pratschner, S. Schwarz:
"Measurement-Based Performance Evaluation of 5G NR Broadcasting";
Poster: 30th European Conference on Communications (EUCNC), Porto, Portugal; 06-08-2021 - 06-11-2021; in: "Proc. 30th European Conference on Communications", (2021).

English abstract:
We present measurement results of a 5G broadcasting measurement campaign conducted in collaboration with Austrian Broadcasting Services in and around Vienna, Austria. We report results from two measurement campaigns, one with a single high-power high-tower 5G broadcast transmitter and a receiver mounted on a car travelling at up to 100 km/h in line-of-sight conditions. The other with two transmitters, one high-power high-tower transmitter and one medium-power medium-tower transmitter operating in single-frequency network (SFN) mode. We measure the carrier to interference and noise ratio and the bit error ratio of 5G-compliant broadcast transmissions with a subcarrier spacing of 1.25 kHz. Our results show that the system is robust with respect to the relatively high velocity of 100 km/h in line-of-sight conditions and that SFN operation, compared to activating only one transmitter, can improve but also deteriorate the performance depending on the receiver location, even if the cyclic-prefix is not violated.

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