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S. Ristov, T. Fahringer, R. Prodan, M. Kostoska, M. Gusev, S. Dustdar:
"Interhost Orchestration Platform Architecture for Ultrascale Cloud Applications";
IEEE Internet Computing, Volume 25 (2021), Issue 3; 23 - 30.

English abstract:
Cloud data centers exploit many memory page management techniques that reduce the total memory utilization and access time. Mainly these techniques are applied to a hypervisor in a single host (intra-hypervisor) without the possibility to exploit the knowledge obtained by a group of hosts (clusters). We introduce a novel interhypervisor orchestration platform to provide intelligent memory page management for horizontal scaling. It will use the performance behavior of faster virtual machines to activate prefetching mechanisms that reduce the number of page faults. The overall platform consists of five modules-profiler, collector, classifier, predictor, and prefetcher. We developed and deployed a prototype of the platform, which comprises the first three modules. The evaluation shows that data collection is feasible in real-time, which means that if our approach is used on top of the existing memory page management techniques, it can significantly lower the miss rate that initiates page faults.

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