D. Wertjanz, T. Kern, E. Csencsics, G. Stadler, G. Schitter:
"Compact scanning confocal chromatic sensor enabling precision 3-D measurements";
Applied Optics, 60 (2021), 25; S. 7511 - 7517.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper proposes a compact and lightweight scanning confocal chromatic sensor (SCCS) for robot-based precision three-dimensional (3-D) surface measurement applications. The integrated system design includes a 2-D fast steering mirror (FSM) to manipulate the optical path of a high precision 1-D confocal chromatic sensor (CCS). A data-driven calibration procedure is used to accurately combine the FSM deflection angles and the correspondingly measured distances to the sample surface in order to obtain a correctly reconstructed 3-D image. Lissajous scan trajectories are applied to enable efficient scans of the sample surface. The SCCS provides 3-D images at frame rates of up to 1 fps and a measurement volume of 0.35×0.25×1.8mm3, as well as the measurement of arbitrary regions of interest. Using a calibration standard including structures with defined sizes, the lateral and axial resolutions are determined to 2.5 µm and 76 nm, respectively.

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