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M. Schuß, P. Wintersberger, A. Riener:
"Security Issues in Shared Automated Mobility Systems: A Feminist HCI Perspective";
Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, 5 (2021), 8.

English abstract:
The spread of automated vehicles (AVs) is expected to disrupt our mobility behavior.
Currently, a male bias is prevalent in the technology industry in general, and in the automotive
industry in particular, mainly focusing on white men. This leads to an under-representation of groups
of people with other social, physiological, and psychological characteristics. The advent of automated
driving (AD) should be taken as an opportunity to mitigate this bias and consider a diverse variety of
people within the development process. We conducted a qualitative, exploratory study to investigate
how shared automated vehicles (SAVs) should be designed from a pluralistic perspective considering
a holistic viewpoint on the whole passenger journey by including booking, pick-up, and drop-off
points. Both, men and women, emphasized the importance of SAVs being flexible and clean, whereas
security issues were mentioned exclusively by our female participants. While proposing different
potential solutions to mitigate security matters, we discuss them through the lens of the feminist
HCI framework.

shared automated vehicles; feminist HCI; gender-bias; automated systems

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