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K. A. Gemes, G. Recski:
"TUW-Inf at GermEval2021: Rule-based and Hybrid Methods for Detecting Toxic, Engaging, and Fact-Claiming Comments";
in: "Proceedings of the GermEval 2021 Workshop on the Identification of Toxic, Engaging, and Fact-Claiming Comments : 17th Conference on Natural Language Processing KONVENS 2021", netlibrary, 2021, S. 69 - 75.

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This paper describes our methods submitted for the GermEval 2021 shared task on identifying toxic, engaging and fact-claiming comments in social media texts. We explore simple strategies for semi-automatic generation of rule-based systems with high precision and low recall, and use them to achieve slight overall improvements over a standard BERT-based classifier.

toxic language detection, social media data, rule-based system, deep learning system

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