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A. Steindl, A. Schirrer, S. Jakubek:
"Optimal Control for a Space Rendezvous";
Vortrag: 4th International Workshop on Advanced Dynamics and Model Based Control of Structures and Machines, JKU Linz; 22.09.2019 - 25.09.2019; in: "Dynamics and Control of Advanced Structures and Machines", H Irschik, M. Krommer, V. Matveenko, A. Belyaev (Hrg.); Advanced Structured Materials/Springer, Cham, 156 (2019), ISBN: 978-3-030-79324-1; S. 243 - 256.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We consider the transfer of a chaser vehicle to a space station using impulsive control with minimal fuel consumption. It is assumed that the space station moves on a circular Keplerian orbit in a rotational symmetric gravitational field and that the chaser vehicle has already reached the station´s orbital plane. The vehicle is steered by impulsive burns of the rockets. The problem is solved numerically using Pontryagin´s maximum principle for impulsive controls by a multiple shooting method and a continuation procedure to study the variation of the optimal control strategy for varying time constraints. The problem is studied using a local linearized system and the fully nonlinear system using local Cartesian and polar coordinates.

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