J. Pistrol, M. Hager, D. Adam:
"CCC Systems for Vibratory and Oscillatory Rollers in Theoretical and Experimental Comparison";
Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, Advances in Transportation Geotechnics IV (2021), 164; S. 217 - 229.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Intelligent Compaction (IC) and Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) systems have seen major developments in recent years. The Institute of Geotechnics of TU Wien investigated established CCC systems for vibratory rollers and developed a novel system for work-integrated compaction control with oscillatory rollers. The various CCC systems in the market yield to numerous measurement levels and units with each manufacturer pursuing their own system. This has become a great chal- lenge for contractors and authorities and resulted in a demand for a single measure to be able to combine and compare results from different rollers. The theoretical basis and differences of common CCC systems for vibratory and oscillatory rollers are explained in the paper. Moreover, experimental field tests have been performed with a tandem roller with vibratory and oscillatory excitation. Five different CCC values-CMV, Omega, Evib, kB and CCC for oscillatory rollers-were evaluated based on acceleration measurements. The results of the theoretical and experimental investigations are presented and compared to create a better understanding of why results of different CCC systems or rollers cannot simply be converted into each other.

CCC, IC, Intelligent Compaction, Roller Compaction

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