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S. Banabak:
"Econometric Rent Modeling in a Highly Regulated Market";
Talk: 27th Annual European Real Estate Society Conference, Kaiserslautern; 2021-06-02 - 2021-06-05.

English abstract:
This paper proposes a semiparemetric hedonic rent model tailored to the Viennese private rental market. Based on the broader hedonic rent modeling literature and explicitly considering the debates within a broader housing research literature on Vienna, several candidate models are suggested. Various extension include heterogeneity between the regulatory regimes as well as local deviations in time-trend as well as the use of a spatially structured predictor. The models are estimated using a large and unique set of microdata and performance is compared by AIC. Indeed, we find evidence to include all of the proposed extensions.

Vienna, Housing Rents, STAR Models, Hedonic Rent Modeling

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