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S. Banabak:
"Housing Rents and Integrated Rental Market Neighbourhood Impacts - Evidence from the City of Vienna";
Talk: Momentum 2021, Hallstatt; 2021-10-14 - 2021-10-17.

English abstract:
The local housing regime in Vienna is often regarded as one of the last examples of an integrated rental market as described by Kemeny. Thus, according to the theory, private landlords should be forced to charge lower rents due to direct competition from the social sector. We formally test this hypothesis on a very local level by linking the
private rent price trajectories across Viennese subdistricts to their initial housing market structure while controlling for possible effects of location and socioeconomic variation. We indeed find significant evidence for a price dampening effect, as higher shares of
municipal and non-profit housing within the rental sector substantially increase the probability of a subditrict joining a lower rent level path.

Rental Market Integration, Social Housing, Vienna, Price Convergence, Log-t Test, Ordered Probit Model

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