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P. Purgathofer, S.-K. Kender:
"Flipping a 700 Student Classroom";
Talk: END 2021, Online; 2021-06-26 - 2021-06-28; in: "Education and New Developments 2021", inScience Press, Portugal (2021), ISBN: 978-989-54815-8-3; 401 - 405.

English abstract:
Because of the pandemic, we had to switch our first-semester informatics course with 700 students from lecture hall teaching to online teaching. We used the opportunity to rethink our approach and come up with forms of teaching that fit the circumstances. In the evaluation, we found that students generally appreciated our efforts, and although we raised the requirements for a positive grade, the share of students who passed the course was higher than usual.

Flipped classroom, university, large course, experiences, feedback

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