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P. Kán, P. Ferschin, M. Honic, I. Kovacic:
"Building Information Monitoring via Gamification";
in: "Proceedings of the 16th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications - GRAPP", SciTePress, 2021, ISBN: 978-989-758-488-6, 261 - 270.

English abstract:
For efficient facility management it is of high importance to monitor building information, such as energy consumption, indoor temperature, occupancy as well as changes in building structure. In this paper we present a novel methodology for monitoring information about building via gamification. In our approach, the employees of a facility record the states of building elements by playing a competitive mobile game. Traditionally, external sensors are used to automatically collect information about the building usage. In contrast to that, our methodology utilizes personal mobile phones of employees as sensors to identify objects of interest and report their state. Moreover, we propose to use crowdsourcing as a tool for data collection. This way the users of the mobile game are collecting points and compete with each other. At the end of the game the winning team gets the reward. We utilized various gamification strategies to increase motivation of users to collect building data. We ex tended the traditional 3D BIM model with temporal domain to enable tracking of building changes over time. Finally, we run an experiment with real use case building in which the employees used our system for the duration of three months. We studied our approach and our motivation strategies in a post-experiment study. Our results suggest that gamification can be a viable tool for building information monitoring. Additionally, we note that motivation plays a critical role in the data acquisition by gamification.

Gamification, Building Monitoring, Building Information Modeling, Spatial Localization, 3D Visualization, Mobile Applications, Crowdsourcing

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