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I. Murturi, J. Jia, B. Kerbl, M. Wimmer, S. Dustdar, C. Tsigkanos:
"On Provisioning Procedural Geometry Workloads on Edge Architectures";
Talk: 17th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST 2021) - Online Conference, Setubal, Portugal; 2021-10-26 - 2021-10-28; in: "Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST 2021)", F. Dominguez Mayo, M. Marchiori, J. Filipe (ed.); SCITEPRESS, (2021), ISBN: 978-989-758-536-4; 354 - 359.

English abstract:
Contemporary applications such as those within Augmented or Virtual Reality (AR/VR) pose challenges for software architectures supporting them, which have to adhere to stringent latency, data transmission, and performance requirements. This manifests in processing 3D models, whose 3D contents are increasingly generated procedurally rather than explicitly, resulting in computational workloads (i.e., perceived as Procedural Geometry Workloads) with particular characteristics and resource requirements. Traditionally, executing such workloads takes place in resource-rich environments such as the cloud. However, the massive amount of data transfer, heterogeneous devices, and networks involved affect latency, which in turn causes low-quality visualization in user-facing applications (e.g., AR/VR). To overcome such challenges, processing elements available close to end users can be leveraged to generate 3D models instead, and as such the edge emerges as a central architectural entity. This paper describes such procedural geometry workloads, their particular characteristics, and challenges to execute them on heterogeneous devices. Furthermore, we propose an architecture capable of provisioning procedural geometry workloads in edge scenarios.

Edge Architectures, Computational Workloads, Edge-Cloud Continuum.

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