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W. Dvorak, M. König, M. Ulbricht, S. Woltran:
"A Reduct-Driven Study of Argumentation Frameworks With Collective Attacks";
Talk: NMR 2021 - 19th International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning, Hanoi, Vietnam; 2021-11-03 - 2021-11-05.

English abstract:
In this paper. we investigale structural properties of argumen­talion frameworks wilh colleclive auacks (SETAFs) which generalize Dung-style argumenlalion frameworks (AFs) to scenarios where some argumenlS can only be defeated by a sei of argumenls. We propose a no1ion of a red11ct for SETAFs which exlends a recenl proposal for Dung AFs. We show how recenl resulls regarding lhe reducl exlend 10 lhe more general SETAFs providing further evidence 1ha1 lhey conslilule a nat­ural generalization of classical AFs. These resuhs include ba­sic properties of semanlics w.r.l. their reducl, a compalibilily requiremenl (so-called modularization properly) as weil as a fom1al lool lo trace non-delenninism back lo even cycle ar­gumenls. Moreover. we compare SETAFs 10 logic programs and show relalions between our reducl notion and established ones in lhe domain of logic programming.

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