Publications in Scientific Journals:

C. Schmidbauer, B. Hader, S. Schlund:
"Evaluation of a Digital Worker Assistance System to enable Adaptive Task Sharing between Humans and Cobots in Manufacturing";
Procedia CIRP, 104 (2021), 38 - 43.

English abstract:
The future of collaborative robots (cobots) is shaped by the desire for a flexible and beneficial cooperation between humans and cobots. We reviewed the state of the art regarding human-cobot interaction in manufacturing. In this paper we present a digital worker assistance system, based on the Business Process Model and Notation Language (BPMN), which enables non-professionals to create adaptive task sharing (ATS) processes between human workers and cobots in manufacturing. Evaluation results of an online study of the assistance system regarding human factors and productivity impacts are presented.

worker assistance system; task sharing; task allocation; human-robot collaboration; adaptive manufacturing

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