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J. Kraus, P. Lederer, M. Lymbery, J. Schöberl:
"Uniformly well-posed hybridized discontinuous Galerkin/hybrid mixed discretizations for Biotīs consolidation model";
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 384 (2021), 113991; 23 pages.

English abstract:
We consider the quasi-static Biotīs consolidation model in a three-field formulation with the three unknown physical quantities of interest being the displacement of the solid matrix, the seepage velocity of the fluid and the pore pressure . As conservation of fluid mass is a leading physical principle in poromechanics, we preserve this property using an -conforming ansatz for and together with an appropriate pressure space. This results in Stokes and Darcy stability and exact, that is, pointwise mass conservation of the discrete model.

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