Contributions to Proceedings:

H. Isakovic, L. L. Ferreira, I. Okic, A. Dukkon, Z. Tucakovic, R. Grosu:
"QoS for Dynamic Deployment of IoT Services";
in: "2021 22nd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT)", IEEE, 2021, 1144 - 1151.

English abstract:
This paper introduces RVAF, a runtime verification (RV) extension of the Arrowhead Framework (AF) with container-based service-deployment and runtime-enforcement of a desired quality of service (QoS). AF is a service-oriented middleware architecture for IoT-applications, consisting of a set of core and auxiliary services and systems, respectively. The QoS manager (QoSM) is one AF's most important auxiliary systems, which can be used to guarantee the application's QoS for a wide set of parameters. In RVAF the QoS offered to a particular IoT-application is specified in signal temporal logic, and is continuously monitored by the RVAF-QoSM. In case of an imminent violation, RVAF automatically initiates a container-based reconfiguration, which is ensured to maintain the desired QoS. RVAF is beneficial to large IoT-applications, where the use of continuous-integration and continuous-deployment tools, is not only a recommended practice but also a necessity. Moreover, the use of RVAF is advantageous both during the development of an IoT application, and after its deployment. We describe the architecture of RVAF, provide its formal underpinning, and demonstrate the usefulness of RVAF supported by an industrial IoT application. The main contribution of this work is to show what it takes to incorporate RV concepts into modern SOA frameworks supporting the development of IoT applications.

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