Editorials in Scientific Journals:

M. Leumüller, B. Auinger, J. Schöberl, K. Hollaus:
"Enhanced Technique for Metascreens Using the Generalized Finite Element Method";
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 57 (2021), 6; 4 pages.

English abstract:
An efficient approach to simulate the multiple scales, occurring in metascreens, is introduced. Due to the fine discretization around apertures, the standard finite element (FE) method leads to a large number of unknowns. Therefore, the generalized FE method is applied with multiscale functions, which are supported locally at the apertures. The idea is to develop a technique that is able to cope with varying thicknesses of the metascreen and arbitrary shapes of apertures as well as lossy materials and frequencies in a wide range. The proposed method improves the accuracy in simulations for metascreens in 2-D.

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