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I. Podkosova, K. Zibrek, P. Pettre, L. Hoyet, A. Olivier:
"Exploring behaviour towards avatars and agents in immersive virtual environments with mixed-agency interactions";
Talk: IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces, Lisbon, Portugal; 2021-03-27 - 2021-04-01; in: "2021 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW)", IEEE (ed.); IEEE Xplore, 1/1/Lisbon (2021), ISBN: 978-1-6654-4057-8; Paper ID 1, 4 pages.

English abstract:
Immersive virtual environments (IVEs) in which multiple users nav-
igate by walking and interact with each other in natural ways are
perfectly suited for team applications from training to recreation. At
the same time, they can solve scheduling conflicts by employing
virtual agents in place of missing team members or additional par-
ticipants of a scenario. While this idea has been long discussed in
IVEs research there are no prior publications on social interactions
in systems with multiple embodied users and agents. This paper
presents an experiment at a work-in-progress stage that addresses
the impact of perceived agency and control of a virtual character in
a collaborative scenario with two embodied users and one virtual
agent. Our future study will investigate whether users treat avatars
and agents differently within a mixed-agency scenario, analysing
several behavioural metrics and self-report of participants

Collaborative Virtual Reality, Avatars, Virtual Agents

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