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A. Redlein, L. Thrainer, C. Lau:
"Problem-based learning for the teaching of FM skills: results of a practical use";
in: "Research Papers The 20th EuroFM Research Symposium", issued by: EuroFM; EuroFM, The Hague, 2021, 104 - 111.

English abstract:
Digitalization and COVID-19 are not game changers, but accelerate
several already existing trends. In the area of teaching e-learning and
blended learning has always been a topic. Until the beginning of the
COVID pandemic, most of the Facility and Real Estate (RE/FM) programs
focused on classroom teaching. Only few already used digital learning
concepts. Based on a literature review the paper gives an overview of
the different possibilities of knowledge transfer and learning. Based on
this overview two methods are analyzed in more detail.
. Blended learning
. Problem-based learning
Both approaches are not only described in theory but also shown in practical usage. The blended
learning approach is demonstrated by the setup of an introduction course for FM provided by Springer
and the problem-based learning approach by a cooperative lecture of TU Wien and Stanford Mechanical
These case studies show that the approach of problem-based teaching combines several advantages.
The students can learn when and wherever they like and optimize their own scheduling. They can select
the relevant sessions they really need to attend. The lecturers act more as coaches. These two elements
optimize the individual knowledge transfer. The practical application of the knowledge proves that the
required competences and not only the theoretical knowledge is gained. The feedback of the students
also proves the advantages of this method. Therefore, the problem-based teaching method is a very
promising approach, which will change the way teaching and knowledge transfer in RE/FM will happen
in the future.

e-learning, new teaching concepts, problem-based learning, blended learning, learning videos

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