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A. Redlein, C. Lau:
"Problem-Based Learning for the Teaching of Skills: Results of a Practical Use";
Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, Vol. 21(8) 2021 (2021), 219 - 226.

English abstract:
Digitalisation and COVID-19 have been changing the way we teach. Last year distance learning was often the only possibility to transfer knowledge. Based on an intensive literature review, the paper presents best practices to enable knowledge transfer and analyses the possibilities and shortcomings of two approaches by applying them in several case studies:
1) Blended learning: provides content and knowledge mainly with the help of learning videos and feedback/reflection sessions.
2) Problem-based learning: secures that the students can apply the learned content and methodologies.
Beside the results of the case studies the paper provides the feedback of the students.

problem based learning, advanced blended learning, practical use, case study, ERP teaching

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