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L. Bellomarini, G. Galano, M. Nissl, E. Sallinger:
"Rule-based Blockchain Knowledge Graphs: Declarative {AI} for Solving Industrial Blockchain Challenges";
Talk: RuleML+RR 2021, Leuven, Belgium; 2021-09-08 - 2021-09-15; in: "Proceedings of the 15th International Rule Challenge, 7th Industry Track, and 5th Doctoral Consortium @ RuleML+RR 2021 co-located with 17th Reasoning Web Summer School {(RW} 2021) and 13th DecisionCAMP 2021 as part of Declarative {AI} 2021, Leuven, Belgium (virtual due to Covid-19 pandemic), 8 - 15 September, 2021}", (2021), 1 - 16.

English abstract:
Blockchains have an incredible impact on our economic sys-
tems. Over the last years, more and more illicit activities have taken
place not only via the traditional financial space but also via cryptocur-
rencies, where tracking illicit activities is more complex. Yet, several
blockchain toolkits have been introduced that explore blockchain data.
There is a clear industrial need to bring together many of those valuable
methods into a principled approach that upholds central aspects such as the ability to provide explainable analytics.
In this paper, we report on an international industrial and academic
collaboration that uses a declarative, rule-based approach on top of a
Knowledge Graph system and describes the use-case of analyzing the
Petya ransomware.

Blockchain Analytics, Knowledge Graphs

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