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W. Fischl, G. Gottlob, D. Longo, R. Pichler:
"HyperBench: A Benchmark and Tool for Hypergraphs and Empirical Findings";
ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics, 26 (2021), 1.6; 1 - 40.

English abstract:
To cope with the intractability of answering Conjunctive Queries (CQs) and solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs), several notions of hypergraph decompositions have been proposed-giving rise to different notions of width, noticeably, plain, generalized, and fractional hypertree width (hw, ghw, and fhw). Given the increasing interest in using such decomposition methods in practice, a publicly accessible repository of decomposition software, as well as a large set of benchmarks, and a web-accessible workbench for inserting, analyzing, and retrieving hypergraphs are called for.

We address this need by providing (i) concrete implementations of hypergraph decompositions (including new practical algorithms), (ii) a new, comprehensive benchmark of hypergraphs stemming from disparate CQ and CSP collections, and (iii) HyperBench, our new web-interface for accessing the benchmark and the results of our analyses. In addition, we describe a number of actual experiments we carried out with this new infrastructure.

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