Doctor's Theses (authored and supervised):

S. Tapia Garcia:
"Contribitions to Linear Dynamics, Sweeping Process and Regularity of Lipschitz functions";
Supervisor, Reviewer: A. Daniilidis, R. Deville; University of Chile, 2021; oral examination: 2021-11-08.

English abstract:
This thesis deals with three topics related to linear operators defined on infinite dimensional
spaces and two topics of real analysis and variational analysis in finite dimensional spaces.
The first chapter contains preliminaries on Banach space theory which will be relevant for
the three topics related to linear operators. The second chapter is a characterization of some
types of bounded linear operators in terms of the differentiability of Lipschitz functions.
Our results include a characterization for the classes of finite rank, compact, limited and
weakly compact operators. The third and fourth chapters are inscribed in linear dynamics
on infinite dimensional spaces, studying epsilon-hypercyclicity and wild operators respectively.
We establish an epsilon-hypercyclicity criterion based on which we can construct
epsilon-hypercyclic operators in a large class of separable Banach spaces. With respect to
wild operators, we establish results about their spectra and about the norm closure of the
set of wild operators in the space of linear bounded operators. In addition, we introduce and
explore the concept of asymptotically separated sets to construct linear operators with interesting
dynamical properties. The fifth chapter is a generalization of the Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz
inequality for multivalued maps which are not necessarily definable in an o-minimal structure.
We characterize smooth multivalued functions which satisfy a certain desingularization of the
coderivative in terms of the length of the solutions of the related sweeping process as well as
the integrability of the oriented talweg. The last chapter is devoted to absolutely minimizing
Lipschitz (AML) functions. The main contribution in this subject is a characterization of
the regularity of planar AML functions in terms of the regularity of the underlying norm.

Linear operators, linear dynamic, epsilon-hypercyclicity, KŁ-inequality, sweeping process, regularity of functions

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