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M. Moser, N. Musliu, A. Schaerf, F. Winter:
"Exact and metaheuristic approaches for unrelated parallel machine scheduling";
Journal of Scheduling, 24 (2021), 6; 1 - 28.

English abstract:
In this paper, we study an important real-life scheduling problem that can be formulated as an unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times, due dates, and machine eligibility constraints. The objective is to minimise total tardiness and makespan. We adapt and extend a mathematical model to find optimal solutions for small instances. Additionally, we propose several variants of simulated annealing to solve very large-scale instances as they appear in practice. We utilise several different search neighbourhoods and additionally investigate the use of innovative heuristic move selection strategies. Further, we provide a set of real-life problem instances as well as a random instance generator that we use to generate a large number of test instances. We perform a thorough evaluation of the proposed techniques and analyse their performance. We also apply our metaheuristics to approach a similar problem from the literature. Experimental results show that our methods are able to improve the results produced with state-of-the-art approaches for a large number of instances.

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