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E. Daus, A. Jüngel, A. Zurek:
"Convergence of a finite-volume scheme for a degenerate-singular cross-diffusion system for biofilms";
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 41 (2021), 935 - 973.

English abstract:
An implicit Euler finite-volume scheme for a cross-diffusion system modeling biofilm growth is analyzed
by exploiting its formal gradient-flow structure. The numerical scheme is based on a two-point flux
approximation that preserves the entropy structure of the continuous model. Assuming equal diffusivities
the existence of non-negative and bounded solutions to the scheme and its convergence are proved.
Finally, we supplement the study by numerical experiments in one and two space dimensions.

German abstract:
Siehe englisches Abstract.

biofilm modeling; finite volumes; structure-preserving numerical scheme

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