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S. Edalatzadeh, D. Kalise, K. Morris, K. Sturm:
"Optimal Actuator Design for the Euler-Bernoulli Vibration Model Based on LQR Performance and Shape Calculus";
IEEE Control Systems Letters (L-CSS), 6 (2021), (*); 1334 - 1339.

English abstract:
A method for optimal actuator design in vibration control is presented. The optimal actuator, parametrized as a characteristic function, is found by means of the topological derivative of the LQR cost. An abstract framework is proposed based on the theory for infinite-dimensional optimization of both the actuator shape and the associated control problem. A numerical realization of the optimality condition is developed for the actuator shape using a level-set method for topological derivatives. A numerical example illustrating the design of actuator for Euler-Bernoulli beam model is provided.

Actuators; Shape; Mathematical model; Vibrations; Topology; Optimal control; Vibration control

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