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B. Detmann, C. Gavioli, P. Krejčí, J. Lamač, Y. Namlyeyeva:
"A model for lime consolidation of porous solids";
Nonlinear Analysis: Real-World Applications, 65 (2022).

English abstract:
We propose a mathematical model describing the process of filling the pores of a building material with lime water solution with the goal to improve the consistency of the porous solid. Chemical reactions produce calcium carbonate which glues the solid particles together at some distance from the boundary and strengthens the whole structure. The model consists of a 3D convection-diffusion system with a nonlinear boundary condition for the liquid and for calcium hydroxide, coupled with the mass balance equations for the chemical reaction. The main result consists in proving that the system has a solution for each initial data from a physically relevant class. A 1D numerical test shows a qualitative agreement with experimental observations.

Porous media; Reaction-diffusion; Consolidation

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