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G. Steindl, W. Kastner:
"Semantic Microservice Framework for Digital Twins";
Applied Sciences, 11 (2021).

English abstract:
Digital Twins (DT) in industrial cyber-physical systems are the key enabling technology for Industry 4.0. Services are an essential part of almost every DT concept, but their interaction is usually implementation-specific since no common guidelines are available. This work identifies some fundamental requirements for a DT service framework based on applications identified in corresponding literature. Based on these requirements, a service framework architecture is proposed. The architecture utilizes Semantic Web technology and a workflow engine for service orchestration to support the fulfillment of the identified requirements. As a case study for sensor data evaluation of an industrial process, a proof-of-concept implementation is presented showing the feasibility and suitability of the proposed DT service framework architecture.

Digital Twin; Microservice; Workflow engine; Service Architecture; Knowlege graph; Cyber-Physical System; Semantic Web

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