Contributions to Proceedings:

S. Wagner, D. Méndez Fernández, M. Felderer, A. Vetrò, M. Kalinowski, R. Wieringa, D. Pfahl, T. Conte, M. Christiansson, D. Greer, C. Lassenius, T. Männistö, M. Nayebi, M. Oivo, B. Penzenstadler, R. Prikladnicki, G. Ruhe, A. Schekelmann, S. Sen, R. Spinola, A. Tuzcu, J. De La Vara, D. Winkler:
"Status Quo in Requirements Engineering: A Theory and a Global Family of Surveys";
in: "Software Engineering 2021, Proceedings of the SE21 Conference", Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn, 2021, ISBN: 978-3-88579-704-3, 115 - 116.

English abstract:
While researchers have been investigating the Requirements Engineering (RE) discipline
with a plethora of empirical studies, attempts to systematically derive an empirical theory in context of
the RE discipline have just recently been started. We aim at providing an empirical and externally valid
foundation for a theory of RE practice, which helps software engineers establish effective and efficient
RE processes in a problem-driven manner. We designed a survey instrument and an engineer-focused
theory that has been conducted in 10 countries. We have a theory in the form of a set of propositions
inferred from our experiences and available studies, as well as the results from our pilot study in
Germany. We evaluate the propositions with bootstrapped confidence intervals and derive potential
explanations for the propositions.

Requirements Engineering; Survey; Theory

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