Contributions to Proceedings:

T. Miksa, M. Jaoua, G. Arfaoui:
"Research Object Crates and Machine-actionable Data Management Plans";
in: "DaMaLOS - 1st Workshop on Data and Research Objects Management for Linked Open Science : Co-located at the International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2020", PUBLISSO, 2020, 10 pages.

English abstract:
Research Object Crates package research data with its meta data. Machine-actionable Data Management Plans describe what hap pens to data over the research lifecycle. To automate data management
tasks and to lessen the burden on researchers, we investigated how in formation can be exchanged between them. In this paper we present a
mapping and evaluate it on a set of existing machine-actionable Data
Management Plans and Research Object Crates. Results show that a
significant part of information can be exchanged and thus automation of
data management tasks is possible

maDMPs RO-Crate FAIR data management automation

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