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K. Boguslavski, B. Kasmaei, M. Strickland:
"The imaginary part of the heavy-quark potential from real-time Yang-Mills dynamics";
Journal Of High Energy Physics, 10 (2021), 083.

English abstract:
We extract the imaginary part of the heavy-quark potential using classical-statistical simulations of real-time Yang-Mills dynamics in classical thermal equilibrium.
The r-dependence of the imaginary part of the potential is extracted by measuring the temporal decay of Wilson loops of spatial length r.
We compare our results to continuum expressions obtained using hard thermal loop theory and to semi-analytic lattice perturbation theory calculations using the hard classical loop formalism.
We find that, when plotted as a function of mDr, where mD is the hard classical loop Debye mass, the imaginary part of the heavy-quark potential shows little sensitivity to the lattice spacing at small mDr < 1 and agrees well with the semi-analytic hard classical loop result.
For large quark-antiquark separations, we quantify the magnitude of the non-perturbative long-range corrections to the imaginary part of the heavy-quark potential. We present our results for a wide range of temperatures, lattice spacings, and lattice volumes.
This work sets the stage for extracting the imaginary part of the heavy-quark potential in an expanding non-equilibrium Yang Mills plasma.

Lattice QCD, Heavy Quark Physics, Quark-Gluon Plasma

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