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H. Löffler-Stastka, D. Dietrich, T. Sauter, M. Fittner, A. Steinmair:
"Simulating the mind and applications - a theory-based chance for understanding psychic transformations in somatic symptom disorders";
World Journal of Meta-Analysis, 9 (2021), 6.

English abstract:
With the new category of somatic symptom disorder/bodily distress disorder in ICD-11, research into pathogenetic and therapeutic pathways is stimulated. By turning away from the definition of somatoform disorders as "the lack of something physical explaining everything", this new classification might offer a way to put the focus on the individual patientīs psychodynamic balance and conflicts and their condensation in the symptom. Modelling and simulation have a long history in science to gain insight also into complex phenomena. Considering the evolution of precision medicine many different parameters are meanwhile operationalised and ready for consequent process research. Calculation models have to fit to the complexity of this disorder category. In an interdisciplinary discourse between computer and medical/psychoanalytic scientists a multilayer, fine grained calculation model is elaborated. Starting from a clinical case history, within iterative discussion, by acknowledging the demand for interdisciplinary synergy and cooperation in science, psychoanalytic theory served as the basis for computer-scientific information technique. A parallelisation with the Mealy model helped to establish a meaningful calculation possibility for further process research. How psychic transformations can be understood properly in order to provide meaningful treatments, the respective training, and to conduct appropriate process- and outcome-research is established in simulating the mind and applications.

Psychic transformation, Computer-technology, Simulation, Somatic symptom disorder, Bodily distress disorder, Mealy model

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