T. Özkan, N. Pfeifer, G. Styhler-Aydin, G. Hochreiner, U. Herbig, M. Döring-Williams:
"Historic Timber Roof Structure Reconstruction through Automated Analysis of Point Clouds";
Journal of Imaging, 8 (2022), 1; S. 10-1 - 10-18.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We present a set of methods to improve the automation of the parametric 3D modeling of historic roof structures using terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) point clouds. The final product of the TLS point clouds consist of 3D representation of all objects, which were visible during the scanning, including structural elements, wooden walking ways and rails, roof cover and the ground; thus, a new method was applied to detect and exclude the roof cover points. On the interior roof points, a region-growing segmentation-based beam side face searching approach was extended with an additional method that splits complex segments into linear sub-segments. The presented workflow was conducted on an entire historic roof structure. The main target is to increase the automation of the modeling in the context of completeness. The number of manually counted beams served as reference to define a completeness ratio for results of automatically modeling beams. The analysis shows that this approach could increase the quantitative completeness of the full automatically generated 3D model of the roof structure from 29% to 63%.

architectural modeling; historic building structures; terrestrial laser scanning; point cloud processing; 3D modeling

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