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S. Cerimovic, T. Sauter, A. Treytl, R. Stachl, J. Binder, P. Basic, F. Mehofer, E. Schober, S. Rinsche:
"Optimal Placement of Fiber Optic Sensors for Deposit Growth Monitoring in Process Furnaces";
Talk: 2021 IEEE 30th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE), Kyoto, Kapan; 2021-06-20 - 2021-06-23; in: "2021 IEEE 30th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE)", (2021), ISBN: 978-1-7281-9023-5; 1 - 6.

English abstract:
The growth of deposit layers in process furnaces is an inevitable problem in industrial processes. Monitoring this process in a non-invasive, model-based manner can help to improve process quality and extend runlength between maintenance cycles. A key parameter in this context is the outer pipe wall temperature. Contrary to common spot temperature measurements, we propose fiber optic sensors (so-called Fiber In Metal Tube, FIMT) allowing a high spatial resolution. The exact location of the FIMTs is decisive for the sensitivity of the temperature measurement. Since our test facility is a high-temperature furnace, the optimal FIMT position cannot be evaluated experimentally in the usual manner. Therefore, we present a model-based approach taking into account the thermal characteristics of the deposit layer, the turbulent hot air flow inside the chamber and also imperfections of the FIMT installation such as non-ideal thermal contacts. 2D FEM simulations show the temperature distribution around the pipes and are used to indicate best positions regarding the optimal mounting of the sensors.

Temperature measurement, Temperature sensors, Optical fiber sensors, Temperature distribution, Test facilities, Furnaces, Atmospheric modeling, deposit detection, distributed fiber-optics, high-temperature measurements, FEM

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