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G. Fitzpatrick:
"From PhD to Professor: choices, supports and structures";
Keynote Lecture: European Computer Science Summit 2021, Madrid (invited); 2021-10-25 - 2021-10-27.

English abstract:
Reflecting on my own story and literature, a good academic career is possible and it needs a whole systems approach. First, there is no ideal 'good academic'. We can each decide who we are, and what matters to us, and shape our work life choices accordingly, where choices are in our control and recognising trade-offs. Second, we need supportive environments (from peers, to groups, to faculty), and new leadership models, that empower people to do their great work.
Third, we need enabling systemic processes and structures that resource, evaluate and reward academics; while these are slowest to change, there are encouraging signs of increasing recognition of diversity and research culture alongside usual academic measures. Working across all these levels, my hope is that academia becomes an increasingly sustainable and rewarding career option for all of us who want to pursue this path.

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