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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Leading in research: creating environments for clever people to do great work";
Keynote Lecture: European Computer Science Summit 2021, Madrid; 2021-10-25 - 2021-10-27.

English abstract:
A good researcher is not necessarily a good leader in research, yet career paths often involve moving into leadership positions whether we are ready or not. While we are explicitly trained in the technical/process/writing skills of research, the people side, the leadership side, is left somehow to be absorbed by osmosis, or to rely on luck or natural ability, or to be learnt by painful trial and error.
I (and my affected colleagues) can particularly attest to the pain of my unskillful leadership attempts, driven by my imposter and perfectionist self. It doesnŽt have to be that way. Leadership in research is a skill set that can be learned, shifting the focus from `meŽ to `weŽ, and creating environments that empower and enable clever people to do great research.

I will reflect on my own ongoing learning experience of leading in research and draw out some key lessons towards more skill-ful and care-ful leadership.

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