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P. Knees:
"An Overview of Music Retrieval and Recommendation: From Describing Sound to Asking What is Fair";
Keynote Lecture: 6th Human-Computer Interaction Slovenia Conference (HCI-SI 2021), Koper, Slovenia (invited); 2021-11-08; in: "Proceedings of the 6th Human-Computer Interaction Slovenia Conference", M. Tkalcic, V. Pejović, M. Kljun, K. Čopič Pucihar (ed.); CEUR-WS, 3054 (2021), ISSN: 1613-0073; 2.

English abstract:
In this talk I will describe the developments in music discovery technologies over the last 20 years. This journey will depart from the question of how music can be algorithmically modeled for content-based search and recommendation. Then I will detail how additional data sources representing different types of user interactions have gained importance for these tasks. Ultimately, we will arrive at a discussion of what the objectives of recommender systems are and-most importantly-could and should be in a world where music is virtually freely available everywhere and at all times. This will bring
us to the open question of fairness in music recommendation and how future technology could contribute to this.

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