G. Stadler, E. Csencsics, S. Ito, G. Schitter:
"High Precision Hybrid Reluctance Actuator with Integrated Orientation Independent Zero Power Gravity Compensation";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, (2021).

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents a novel method for enabling energy-efficient and orientation-independent gravity compensation in active vibration isolation systems by taking advantage of the inherent negative stiffness of a hybrid reluctance actuator (HRA). Counteracting the gravitational force acting on the mover of an HRA with the position dependent force of the actuator´s integrated permanent magnet, the gravitational force can be compensated without the need for additional actuation. An HRA-system with two translational degrees of freedom (DOF) is developed, comprising a permanent magnet for generating a constant biasing flux for both system axes and two actuator coils per axis for actively controlling the position of the mover. The system prototype has an actuation range of ±0.7mm in both DOF, while enabling energy efficient gravity compensation of payloads up to 500 g by an additional current feedback control loop. Experiments demonstrate that the current consumption for compensation of a 500 g payload is reduced from 1.58A to 10 mA, which corresponds to a reduction of the power consumption by a factor of 25000.

Energy efficiency, Mechatronics, Nanopositioning, Precision engineering, Electromagnetics

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