J. Murin, V. Goga, J. Paulech, J. Hrabovsky, T. Sedlar, V. Kutis, M. Aminbaghai:
"Thermo-elastostatic analyzes of new dampers made of polymer springs with negative thermal expansion";
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science & Engineering, 1199 (2021), 1; 16 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The article presents original results of research of the dampers with passive and semi-active damping using polymer springs (also artificial muscles or nylon springs) with negative thermal expansion. Passive damping can be ensured by the strong damping effects of polymer springs. Semi-active damping can be provided by heating the springs from an additional heat source. According to design such dampers, mathematical models for analytical elastostatic and thermoelastostatic analyzes of dampers for selected load cases are processed in the paper. The permissible values of mechanical and thermal load of the dampers are determined. The obtained results are verified by numerical analysis using the finite element method. The elastostatics of the passive damper and its damping functionality have been verified on a real model of the damper. The compiled mathematical models can be used in the design of polymer dampers as well as in their automatic control. Designed and analysed dampers can be used in smaller mobile or stationary systems such as scooters, small car kits and the like. The elastodynamic functionality of the dampers with passive and semiactive damping will be presented and discussed in our further paper.

Passive damping; semi-active damping; thermal expansion; analytical elastostatic; thermoelastostatic analyzes; finite element method; Mathematical models

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