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J. Kalliauer, M. Malendowski, H.A. Mang:
"On a remarkable geometric-mechanical synergism based on a novel linear eigenvalue problem";
Acta Mechanica, 232 (2021), 12; 17 pages.

English abstract:
The vertices of two specific eigenvectors, obtained from a novel linear eigenvalue problem, describe two curves on the surface of an N-dimensional unit hypersphere. N denotes the number of degrees of freedom in the framework of structural analysis by the Finite Element Method. The radii of curvature of these two curves are 0 and 1. They correlate with pure stretching and pure bending, respectively, of structures. The two coefficient matrices of the eigenvalue problem are the tangent stiffness matrix at the load level considered and the one at the onset of loading. The goals of this paper are to report on the numerical verification of the aforesaid geometric-mechanical synergism and to summarize current attempts of its extension to combinations of stretching and bending of structures.

eigenvector; structural analysis; Finite Element Method

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