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M. Schöbinger, K. Hollaus, I. Tsukerman:
"Effective BH-Curves for Laminated Magnetic Cores";
Talk: IEEE CEFC 2020 Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation, Pisa; 2020-11-16 - 2020-11-19.

English abstract:
Nsulation-coated laminations are widely used in magnetic
cores to reduce eddy current losses. For purposes of simula-
tion and analysis, it is highly desirable to replace the fine struc-
ture of the laminations with an approximately equivalent homo-
geneous material. "Equivalence" implies that reaction field and
losses are accurately represented on the coarse (homogenized)
scale. This homogenization problem has been extensively stud-
ied [2], [3], [5]-[8]. Our approach complements these studies
and involves non-asymptotic homogenization [11], [12]. We
develop a semi-analytical physical model, which can then be
solved using any suitable numerical techniques. To fix ideas,
we previously focused on the linear case [9]; here we develop
a detailed nonlinear model.
One lamination is represented in cylindrical coordinates as
a rectangle whose width does not have to be small relative to
the penetration depth. Details of the setup can be found in [9].
One peculiar feature of the problem is that eddy currents and
related losses cannot be accounted for on the coarse scale [8],
[9]. Counter-intuitively, we define a magnetostatic rather than
an eddy current problem on the coarse scale.

Homogenization; laminated cores; BH-curves; multiscale; eddy currents; losse

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