T. Miksa, P. Budroni, R. Ganguly, A. Rauber, B. Sanchéz Solís:
"RDA Europe workshop -- From planning to action.Towards the establishment of an Austrian research infrastructure";
Mitteilungen der VÖB, 70 (2017), 3-4; S. 382 - 389.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The RDA Europe Workshop "From Planning to Action. Towards the Esta-blishment of an Austrian Research Infrastructure" was organized in Vienna in Novem-ber 2017 with the support of RDA Europe, the Vienna University of Technology, and the University of Vienna. The workshop was the first RDA national event in Austria in a series of RDA Europe events dedicated to practical issues surrounding the adoption of RDA recommendations, the implementation of European Open Science Cloud and other key European data initiatives in order to support EU researchers and data centres. The different sections focused on transversal and domain-specific projects and infrastructures in Austria, such as data centres and data repositories that have emerged as a result of initiatives developed at the national level. The presentations also reflected the European perspective on research data management, focusing on the political and scientific work of international organisations. Furthermore there was an analysis of various RDA Europe working group recommendations and their potential for adoption in local contexts. The event also included the announcement of a new dedicated RDA group for Austria. This node will formally represent the Austrian data management community within the new RDA administrative structure as soon as formal procedures are completed.

Research data; Research Data Alliance; RDA; research data management; research infrastructure; data centre; repositories; Open Science; European Open Science Cloud; EOSC

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