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T. Miksa, P. Neish, A. Rauber:
"Defining Requirements for Machine-actionable Data Management Plans.";
in: "15th International Conference on Digital Preservation, iPRES 2018", International Conference on Digital Preservation, 2018, ##.

English abstract:
Data Management Plans (DMPs) are free-form text docu ments describing data used and produced in research projects.
The workload and bureaucracy often associated with tradi tional DMPs can be reduced when they become machine actionable. However, there is no common definition of what
machine-actionable DMPs really are. This hinders the com munication between stakeholders and leads to scepticism, or
conversely to exaggerated expectations.
This paper aims to clarify what machine-actionable DMPs
are and provides examples of how involved stakeholders can
benefit from them. It describes an open stakeholder con sultation performed by the RDA DMP Common Standards
working group. The main objective was to define the scope
of information covered by machine-actionable DMPs and
formulate an initial set of requirements for a common data
model for machine actionable DMPs. To do this we used
methodology known from system and software requirements
engineering to collect information on how needs for infor mation of particular stakeholders evolve over phases of the
research data lifecycle.

DMPs, maDMPs, machine-actionable, data management, rda, common data model

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